New Song – “Boa Hora”

“Boa Hora” (“Good Time”, in English), was the first song that was released for my brand new work, called “Mini-Acústico Augusto”. Produced by me and Lucas Pitangueira, the video was released in early December of 2013, and has more than 3000 views. Ingrid Knochenhauer helped us by singing (as an angel, indeed!) with me.

It seems quite unusual to record more than one musician in the same room by using condenser microphones. We tried to use them in order capture the best details of Ingrid’s voice and also mine. The microphones used for this work were:

2x Neumann 87ai (vocals), 1x Rode NT-2A (spot), 2x Neumann KM184 (percussion), 1x MXL 990 and 1 MXL991 (both for the acoustic guitar).

The mixing was made by Lucas Pitangueira. To view the lyrics in English, don’t forget to activate the subtitles!


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